Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poetry walk!

This past week the first graders went on several nature walks. Our school offers many different types of habitats for us to explore. The nature trail, river dock, and the beach! The students took little notebooks with them to record what they observed. In the end we saw that something that was interesting and beautiful to one person, was not even interesting to others. But, all agreed that poetry is hidden all around us! The beach was everyone's favorite place to find hidden poems. In the second and third pictures you will see a big hole in the sand... it's a whale that had been buried there just hours before our visit to the beach!!! A 10-foot-long rare whale! Biologists said it was an adult male and may have died from a heart condition, which is one of the most frequent reasons for that type of whale to end up on the beach. Biologists took samples from the whale to be sent to a lab to find the cause of death and see if there was anything out of the ordinary. They said that the whale was buried on the beach! Yep. it was there... right on the very beach we came looking for poems. This of course led to many other inquires about the whale. It was an exciting day for all! Click here to read more about the whale!

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